Friday, April 30, 2010

Time to rant

In procrastinating my paper, I found Judge Robery Lemkau's daughter's blog. In it, she defends her father for the judgement he made in the Katie Tagle/ Stephen Garcia case. That judge COMPLETELY disrespected Katie and didn't look at the evidence staring him in the face when Katie said Stephen was threatening their 9 month old son Wyatt's life. He forced Katie to hand Wyatt over to Stephen and Stephen refused to give him back, so Katie had to get police involved. She said she was scared of going back to court AGAIN and standing in front of this same judge, and having the same outcome in the end. She didn't know what to do. So the next time Stephen had visitation rights to see Wyatt, she handed Wyatt over. Ten days after that initial court date, Stephen Garcia shot and killed his baby and then shot and killed himself. What did Lemkau say to the press?
"This happened at the worst possible time in my career"-- his seat is up for re-election in June. Sooooo very sorry a dead baby is such an inconvenience to YOU. This judge proved he couldn't handle criminal court cases so they put him in family court! What a bunch of morons!
He and his daughter both say based on the evidence before him, that the decision he made was the right one and they still stand behind it.
Um, I'm sorry. WHAT?
This woman had text messages, email messages (that they claimed couldn't be proven to be written by him. Ever hear of TRACING it!?), a full website where he admits to hitting her, even kicking her in the stomach when she was 9 months pregnant with Wyatt... and phone calls and texts. I've read it myself and it should have been EASY for her to get a restraining order at the very least.
What PISSES ME OFF is not that he made a bad call. I know he's human and mistakes. It's the fact that he disregarded her evidence and CALLED HER A LIAR TO HER FACE!!!!!! He said "my suspicion is that you're lying" multiple times and threatened her that there would be consequences for her lying!!! This after he kept calling her Kathy even AFTER she corrected him and told him her name was Katie. Anytime she went to speak he cut her off and said he was denying her request for supervised visits. Why did he come to the conclusion that she was lying? Oh, because Stephen said she was of course! He says that many times too "He claims it's total fabrication on your part, my suspicion is that you're lying, and I'm denying your request". AssHOLE. THEN the court left a mediation hearing date on the calender between Katie and Stephen, after Stephen killed Wyatt and himself, and Katie knew she'd see Lemkau and wanted to tell him next time listen to both sides cause not everyone lies. He read an apology from a prepared statement! What a douche! He couldn't even say what came to mind and speak from his heart? He said he lost sleep for a week after knowing the tragic outcome. I was in no way involved and probably got more worked up and upset and lost more sleep over it than he did! He is nothing more than an old, shriveled up asshole and I hope to GOD the people of California vote his ass OUT.
This is the complete official transcript from the case:
Read it for yourself.
Nothing makes my blood boil more than to see cases where something could've been done, something SHOULD'VE been done to protect a child, and the people in control did NOTHING. Robert Lemkau, in his ruling, sentenced baby Wyatt to death and practically handed Stephen Garcia the loaded gun himself. He robbed a baby of his life. He robbed a mother of her son. He robbed a 4 year old of his baby brother. He robbed a sick man of the chance to get the help he needed. Seriously. Shame on Lemkau. And I can't wait to see his sick sorry ass voted out of office.
Now that I have calmed down a bit, I believe I can go continue reading his daughter's blog.
Hopefully she won't say anything else so stupid that I'll wanna lash out again.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This one's for Sarah

My sister keeps telling me I need to update my blog, so here's to you sis! Ha ha. You know I love ya :)

Well yesterday I had another doctor appointment and my baby is developing right on track thus far. I didn't know the cm you measure are supposed to go along with the number of weeks preggo you are. For instance, I was 16 1/2 weeks and I measured 16 1/2 cms, so doc says that was right on track. Another thing... I only gained HALF A POUND between appointments? In a month I ate anything and everything I wanted and only gained half a pound!?! He seemed proud of me for that. My weight must be shifting or something though cause I am definitely bigger in the belly than I was 4 weeks ago. That or I peed everything out of me. I kid you not, I STILL go like 4 times an hour every hour lol.

So Will had his dental work today. He got 2 wisdom teeth pulled and his tongue snipped (born tongue tied, got it fixed). He insisted on keeping his teeth or else he wouldn't be smart anymore. When he was waking up he was trying to talk them into letting him keep some of their tools. I laughed out loud when the receptionist told me that and said yep... that's Will alright... and I went back to the room and just like every other appointment, I get all the directions on how to care for his stuff after the fact. I think it all seems pretty easy enough. Right now we're sitting on the couch, he has an ice pack on his mouth, and is watching the Jackass movies. It's cute. As I type I hear random bursts of laughter and giggles, and then I look up, laugh a second, and go back to my laptop. If he needs something or wants to say something, he writes it down or sends me a text cause talking is extremely painful for him. Earlier he said he felt like he bit his tongue HARD. Now he's saying his whole tongue just kills him. They said in 10 days to 2 weeks he will be completely healed, so I look forward to that. And every now and then I have to get up and get him a new ice pack to replace his "warm" one... ha, he's such a baby. But it's cute. Where would he be without me?

This weekend is Aunt Ann and Uncle Ryan's campground grand opening. I promised to go, but it's all outdoors and they plan on putting me to work, so I said I would only stay a couple hours cause I don't wanna waste my day there. But, now the weather is causing a predicament. They're saying 50-50 chance of thunderstorms and likely storms at night. I'm not gonna go and stand out there in the rain all day. Sorry, not my cup of tea. But they insist it's only a 40 percent chance of rain, and that I need to think positive cause it won't rain... so whatever :)

I think I basically HAVE to go because my other cousin said she put together a whole basket of goodies for me and the baby and I'll feel bad if she drives all this way (5-6 hours), and I'm not there to accept it from her. I won't have that lol. So I will go and see her and get my stuff and leave when I feel like leaving pretty much.

Also, I have to write and submit 4 papers before May 8th for one of my classes. I let them go because my professor doesn't take off for work being turned in late. So I figured wait to the end and do it then. I wanna get it submitted by Sunday, but we'll see if that really happens. I also have a final quiz to take, but I can use my book, so it should be easy. Got 100% on the first one so don't see why I shouldn't on this one too! I will be sooooooooo glad when this semester is over with! Then I can focus all my attention on the baby and everything.

Okay, it's getting late. I have to work early tomorrow so it's time for me to be getting off of here. Hopefully work will be productive and I'll get to play with the lil one, do school work when she sleeps, and get home and do more school work :) That sounds like a good plan to me anyway!

Anywho, like I said, it's late and I'm going to go. Later all!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

!Fun Stuff!

So lately things have been pretty amazing with Will and me.
Night before last we went to Wal-Mart over in Jefferson Pointe. We were in his Jeep, and for those who don't know, the tires on that thing are like as big as me! So it puts us higher up lol. Well, we were stopped at a red light, and Will saw the trees all blooming and everything. He sticks his hand out the window, I hear a tug, and look over thinking "what the heck is he doing???" And the next thing I know he's shoving these pretty flowers in my face lol. He made a cheesy comment about pretty flowers for a pretty girl or something. But it was totally "awww" so I thought I would share.

Yesterday he had to be knocked out for a medical thing he had, and omg the meds him soooo loopy after the fact! On the 29th he has to go in and get knocked out for a dental thing, and I would just laugh if I knew it'd be the same stuff and he would act the same way he did yesterday. He was definitely not shy or modest about anything! His nurse said his stats and everything looked great and he just smiled and got all cocky and was like "of course, everything I do is great!" That's probably not something he would typically say unless he was in a goofy mood lol. He kept going on about how the people were so nice and he wanted to come back every week to get the good medicine all the time lol. He was not happy when they said he couldn't work on his car or do anything that required judgement. He begged them to check his reflexes and said he was fine. The nurse said that's why it was dangerous cause you FEEL fine, but you've been given narcotics and you're not fine lol. He asked if he could take any machinery home with him as a souvenier. They let him have one of his tubes from when he was hooked to the oxygen as sort of a compromise... and like 2 minutes later he sees me holding it and says "what's that for?" LOL. He kept asking if I got to watch any of it, and I had to keep saying no baby I was in the waiting room the whole time...

I had to repeat myself like 50,000 times every few minutes cause he couldn't remember ANYTHING. I felt like I was hanging out with Dory from Finding Nemo lol. It did get old pretty fast, but seeing his suprised reaction to everything like "I said that!?" never really got old lol. He was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't let him drive or work on his cars even after he got up from his nap and said he felt fine. I was like sorry, not gonna do it. I signed papers claiming responsibility for him for the whole day, not just the morning. Sooooo he was sure to get up at like 7:30 this morning, go buy new car parts, and has been in the garage since about 8:00 or 8:30 lol.

It was kind of nice having a goofy Will. He was playing the XBox while I was on my laptop and I had my legs propped up on the coffee table. Of course, this being flip flop weather, I had no socks on. So he kept leaning over and tickling my feet and making me laugh uncontrollably a couple times, which only made him laugh and do it more!

We went and got a pizza around 7 or 7:30 and brought it home and ate it, and I DVR'd Dr. Phil cause it was an episode I had wanted to see for like a month. So we brought the pizza home and watched that. Around 8:30 he reminds me we never got him a lottery ticket, and since I was still refusing to let him drive, he decided we could walk. The gas station is just around the block. So we walked over there and it was really nice. The walk back home was kind of funny (it took less than 5 minutes to walk there and walk home). We cut through a couple allies and I kept joking about Lifetime movies and us being in an ally in the dark was not a good thing.

All in all it was a really enjoyable day. He really doesn't remember anything from before the nap, but he does seem to remember everything from after we woke up around 3:30. He still insists today that he would've been fine to work on his cars lol. Oh well. He has all morning to do it today. He doesn't work til 2:30 so that gives him plenty of time. I will probably go take a shower and head to Mom's early today because I know he won't be leaving that garage anytime soon! And that gives me a chance to hang out with them and get my tax stuff taken care of. Anyway, I think I am off to get all that taken care of. Later!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Okay, so lately, I've been pretty much exhausted. I thought this was supposed to go away in the second trimester. Oh well...
I'm 14 weeks today! There's a lot of debate about when the second trimester starts. Some say 12 weeks, some say 13, and some say 13 weeks and 3 days because it is 40 divided by 3... and still, others say 14. So no matter what way you look at it, I am officially in the second trimester! Really the first one was pretty kind to me compared to things I've heard and all sorts of horror stories I've been told. But, I still get REALLY tired lately.
My baby is now the size of a lemon. He or she can squint, frown, grimace, pee, grasp, and possibly suck his or her thumb! Too precious!
Maybe all these new things are what's making me so tired. Seriously, I had to work an extra half hour today and RACED to the bank to make it in time for the deposit. I found out once at the bank it didn't close for another hour. Oh well. So then I grabbed a couple things to make dinner. I wanted something nice and just haven't been in the mood for the chicken alfredo boxed dinner we have. So tonight I made steak, mashed potatoes, peas, and tropical fruit blend. We like the red things and pick those out specifically. No idea what the heck they are though! They're just good! Instead of peas, Will had pickled beets cause he's gross like that lol.
Tomorrow I am going to the store before Will gets home so that he can have food for lunch before he goes to sleep. He works 11pm-11am so he hasn't been gone long. Then I'll run to my apartment probably and re-sign my lease. After that I'll go to Mom's, probably until he wakes up, then come home and make dinner.
I am paying off Verizon but may wait until mid-week to send them the check.
I want to buy some maternity shorts. Even just one pair will work for now. I'm seriously hot all the time and feel like I'm roasting. Mom says the cure for that is delivery. Grrrr. I'm hoping I'm not miserable all summer cause I know I will only get bigger and hotter! LOL.
I also want to buy an Angelsound doppler. It's like $35 on Amazon I've been told. This would be such great peace of mind for me. I could listen to the little heartbeat whenever I wanted. I also think it would ease my nerves before a doctor's appointment so I don't go all crazy and wonder if everything will be okay. If I listen before I go, I can be sure not to do that, and that will be better for the baby! I'd get all that for just $35 :)
I was watching Dr. G but now I switched it to Roseanne. Oh the fun and exciting times in the life of Katie lol. I think I'll go watch that and sleep some more. Did I mention that I slept from like 8-10:30 and am already tired again? Ha ha. Oh well. At least it's night time. Not only that, but it's the weekend! Not setting my alarm tomorrow! Woohoo!
Night all...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

I am soooooo excited for Easter this year! I really don't know why... I guess I'm just looking forward to seeing everybody :)

I got a new shirt for Easter Sunday to wear in church. Believe it or not, I do still have 2 skirts that fit... so I will wear one of them with it to church. I plan on going even if I have to go alone. But I really doubt I'd have to go alone! Anyway, the shirt is a maternity shirt... my first maternity purchase! Mom has bought me an outfit and I thank her greatly for that. It's the most comfy outfit I own right now! Lol!

Today I woke up, ate waffles, took a shower, did some laundry, and may go to the store in just a little bit. I am going to Mom's to see family that is here from out of town. I wanted to do some running around with them but don't know that I will. May be lazy and stick to the house.

My last appointment went really well. The baby's heartbeat was constantly in the 150s and everything looked good. That's what I like to hear! Now for the whole boy/ girl debate based on heartbeat... I've heard both! I really think it could go either way but I do still feel like it's a boy (would love a girl though). We'll just have to wait another 6-7 weeks and then we can find out for sure! I can't wait!

Okay I really don't have anything else to say. So I will talk to you all later!