Friday, August 13, 2010


It's been forever since I've updated, and I keep getting reminded of that ;) Sooooo I figured I'd post something really quick this morning.

I'm still alive. Doing okay... overall. I still have my days, but it's not like it used to be when Will and I first broke up. Sometimes in break ups I wind up missing other exes too, not just the most recent ex, and I've had a little bit of that going on too. People I hadn't thought about for years are suddenly on my mind and I'm wondering what they're up to these days. Of course I'd never get back together when any of them. But I do still think about them.

My biggest problem lately has been money. But then again who's biggest issue in life ISN'T money? I'm taking it one day at a time and trying to remember to keep breathing and pressing on.

I am 8 months pregnant today. Won't do anything big or fun to celebrate, but I'm getting closer. The closer I get the more scared I get about things. But I know I'll be a good mom and everything will be okay. There's just so much stuff I'm in for and I know I can't expect it all. It's going to be a lot of learning on my part and teaching on the parts of my mom and aunts.

I still haven't talked to Will about the baby's name and that's been weighing pretty heavily on my mind. We need to have that talk. But, then again, it's not my fault that he never wants to meet up and talk. Maybe now that he's on his good days it'll be different. But the past few weeks were his bad days, and I don't know that I've ever seen him that bad. It's upsetting but frustrating at the same time. It's like for God's sake just go get on something so you'll be happy!!! But... there's no way I can name him William 4th, which I had promised to him. I really really hope he understands where I am coming from with this. But I never know what to expect with him because he's always been so unpredictable. But like I said, he's coming out of his bad days finally so now would be the best time to bring it up because at least now I have the chance of getting a decent reaction out of him. Otherwise I'd just text him about it lol.

Everything is basically the same old same old. I am going to the doctor's every 2 weeks now instead of every 4. I am having issues with being able to get comfortable, and my back is literally always hurting me. I try not to be a complainer though. Yesterday I couldn't really breathe very well but so far so good for today. My whole back hurts today, but I think it's cause I slept on it wrong. I woke up not because I was done sleeping, but rather because I was starving. So I'm going to get off here and eat some cereal and get a shower and everything.

I really don't know what else to write about. So that is my update for now :) I'll try and post more frequently, though me being me, I can't really promise anything. So I'll just stick to promising to try!!!