Friday, May 28, 2010


Sorry, this is another rant.

Shut the f*** up Lemkau. Seriously.

"Do you feel guilty?"

OMG!!! How can he say in one breath he loses sleep over this case, then in the next he says that he doesn't feel guilty! She HAD the evidence! It was his JOB to go over the evidence and he failed to do that!

I don't feel sorry for his ass even a little bit. I hope to God he gets voted out. He deserves that.

Hosking, the guy running against Lemkau, was arrested YEARS ago for a very minor offense... and Lemkau pounces on that. He asks if that's the judge the people of California want. Let's see. Someone who did something years ago, or someone who doesn't look over evidence, and lets parents kill their children. EASY CALL IN MY BOOK.

He hasn't f***ing learned a damn thing from this case! In a recent case that went before Lemkau, a woman was petitioning to get visition taken away from her ex husband who was threatening her and the kids. She heard a knock at the door and opened it to find the family dog shot to death at her feet. The phone rings, and on the other end is her ex husband saying the same people that got the dog will come back for her and the kids. So she takes the kids and has to hide in a shelter. Obviously he SAW her answer the door and KNEW when to call her. So he would've been in violation of his restraining order saying he can't go within 100ft or yds (can't remember which) of her house.

She takes him to court seeking supervised or no visitation for the time being. Who do they see? Judge Robert Lemkau. What does he say?

Supervised visits for the younger two kids. But, because the oldest, a 6 year old, had not shown any fear towards her father, he was keeping full unsupervised visitation for her. The attorney says "your honor this is just going to be another Baby Wyatt case..." and with that everyone was called into his chambers. Moments later they come out, and it's no visitation for all 3 kids, and he went ahead and said instead of 100ft the restraining order was now 500ft.


Thank GOD that attorney had the balls to speak up! What I wouldn't have given to have been a fly on the wall in the room when they went in to discuss it. I am sure the attorney was scolded *rolls eyes*.

What a waste of a judge.

What an asshole to keep making HORRIBLE calls. He clearly doesn't have what it takes to hack it. Considering he couldn't handle criminal law... and they didn't know what to do with him, so they put him in FAMILY LAW. What the hell kinda person would make that call??? They should also lose their job as well!

And, just to point out, the news people didn't have it quite right. They refer to Stephen as Katie's husband when they were never married. Also, Stephen said in his emails he'd poison Wyatt. In reality he shot him and then himself. But those were minor flaws in the story, just wanted to keep it accurate for all who watch it.

I can't stand the lies this man tells. And to deny it when people accuse him of lying. His campaign states he is the fair and ethical choice. What is fair or ethical about what he did? Honest to God if I hear him say or see him or his daughter write ONE MORE THING about Minor's Counsel I will go off. Not that this isn't going off. But IF HE HAD GONE OVER THE EVIDENCE MINOR'S COUNSEL WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN NEEDED!!!!

His daughter told me it was Katie's job to authenticate the emails and prove to the courts that they came from Stephen. Sorry, but I didn't know all these investigators out there were wasting their time and people were wasting money on hiring them to look over evidence in criminal cases. Honest to God that was the dumbest thing I have ever read. She goes on and on about how she posts all comments, good and bad... well I told Katie herself about the comments that Heather made to me and Katie flipped. She posted to her never to speak or type her or her son's names ever again. And Heather deleted that comment! Also, I posted another negative one pertaining to the evidence and why he didn't look at it, and it has yet to be approved. All she writes about is Minor's Counsel. Sorry but what good would that do if you have a judge that won't listen to anybody, takes sides, doesn't want to take the time to have a full hearing, and says we'll discuss this all later? What good will it do if the judge doesn't look over evidence that the Minor's Counsel presents him with? Seriously, SHUT UP LEMKAU!

Anxiously awaiting June 8th... Hoping to God that Hosking wins by a landslide.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aaaaand I'm off!

Today is my day off work :)

I've had an uberly enjoyable day.

Will and I were both up and starting to move around shortly before 10. He asked what we were doing today and I just shrugged and watched tv. After awhile he says he's going into the garage and I was like I thought you wanted to do something. He said he didn't think I was that interested in doing anything. So I said fine and suggested we go eat lunch at the mall. He asked if we could go to Jefferson Pointe instead since it was nice outside (outdoor mall basically). So I said fine and had to get ready...
We walked around the whole vacinity one time and that was enough for me to need to sit down so we decided to get food. I just got pizza and he got a sub from the pizza place. After eating I insisted on looking at the maternity store. After deciding I would never pay $30 for a pair of short shorts, we walked around some more. I asked him if we could get our pic taken in front of the fountain (since he was obviously having such a good day and I'm desperate for pics of him/ us right now) and he agreed! I took two of them. In the one I posted, he was teasing me that my eyes were all squinty because I was trying to look Asian lol. He also teased that he looks like he doesn't even HAVE eyes in that shot! But you can see the fountain :)
After that, we went back to the house and he got a car thing so we could take it to a machine shop. Listening to him and the guy at the shop talk was like trying to follow a conversation going on in Spanish. I can pick out certain words and have an idea basically of what's being said, but I have no clue what ALL is being said. So the car stuff was like I could follow parts of it, but I had no clue what it was, what it does, or what he wants done with it. HA!
We left the machine shop and Will asks if we can go rollerblading. I said sure, because back at my very first doctor appointment he gave me the okay for such activities. Sooooo... we go down by a river and wind up in a park and do a whole loopy thing. It was very downhill and I hated it. Anytime we went downhill I jumped in the grass and walked. We had to walk over a bridge and it was very steep downhill with stairs at the bottom and I was like "F THAT! I'm taking mine off and walking it!" So Will just about dies laughing and takes a pic of me where you can clearly see me holding my blades and walking across the bridge. We went over a second bridge, and I "walked" across it even though I had my rollerblades on. But I was hanging onto the hand rail so tight and walking so slow it took me about 10 minutes to cross. Walking prolly wouldn't have even taken me 10 seconds. So, our comes his phone camera again, and he RECORDS A VIDEO of me walking and hanging on for dear life! At one point I asked if he was recording, he says maybe, and I tell him "DIE!" Ha, it was all in good fun. I pointed out, for anyone who sees it, as I know he will show people, that "I haven't done this since I was 10 and I am 5 months pregnant, I think that may be why I'm a litte rusty". Lol. I seriously thought I'd die when we were done, so he took me to the gas station and we both got slushies. Mine was blue raspberry. Soooooo yummy.
For dinner I'm not sure what we're doing. Either steak or going out again with his friend Mark. We'll see. I almost prefer the steak, but we always have a good time with Mark. Not to mention, last Monday on our regular Monday night routine of getting wings and beer and hanging out, he left and I wrote his number on a piece of paper for the waitress to call or text him, gave his name, number, all that. He said he liked her, I'm here to help people out, so I did what I could to get the ball rolling :) Only he doesn't really KNOW I did it, just suspects I did it cause he saw me tear the paper, and he's been bugging Will about it ever since. So I'm sure that will get brought up and there will be quite a bit of laughter if we hang out.
After I eat I promised to go to Mom's... and then I will come home and call it a night. I don't work until 1:45 tomorrow so I can sleep if I need to, and trust me, I will need to. So I'm gonna go and see what's up and I will write more later on when I get the chance.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Long Days and Long Nights

Last night I made my way to bed around 11:15 which is pretty usual for me on a Sunday night. I tend to stay up longer than I should, enjoying my last few hours/ minutes of the weekend.

At 4am I woke up with killer back pain. It felt like I had a rock under my sheet digging into my back and I was laying right on it. My back just hurt sooooo bad. I moved all around and finally found a comfortable position and it went away. However...

Baby didn't care for the way I was laying then. It seriously would NOT stop moving! It wasn't until 5:30 that I finally fell back to sleep. And I had to be up at 6:15 for work. Grrr. Luckily for me, Livie was totally cool with the idea of a lazy morning today. She cuddled up to me and we watched the shows on the Disney channel and I fell back to sleep from about 8:30 until 10. When I woke up she said "good morning!" and still kinda laid on me. Then the baby kicked and she felt it. She is the first person to feel it from the outside! She was like "What was that Katie!?!" And I said the baby kicked. She said "Oh, whoops!" and that was that. She's a goofball. I've mentioned my baby to her off and on, but I guess she just wasn't expecting to feel it move in my belly. But she's used to feeling Mommy's baby move. So I think she just wasn't expecting it.

Mom and Dad were TOTALLY sweet to me over the weekend. They got my 3 new maternity shirts and a pair of capris. Then i went on Sunday to find a pair of jeans at Target and Mom was with me and she told me to let her get those too! THEN at my Sunday job, a mom came in with all sorts of baby items for me to have and some of it was clothes. So I got 2 more shirts and 2 more pairs of jeans. I think I may get a couple more spaghetti straps/ tanks tops, and maybe 1-2 more pairs of shorts, and I will be all set for the summer, other than a bathing suit and a dress to wear at my brother's wedding.

I only have another hour and 10 minutes left of work today. Will is going to work on my car when I get home, and we will still do our weekly Monday night ritual of going to get wings with friends and coming home to watch our Monday night show lineup (CBS). I will keep sorting/ going through my stuff. It figures that I tell Will I'm moving stuff back to my place and he's back in his way up, fun, excited about life in general days. Far cry from the wanting to leave and hoping he dies days. Last night after work I went to Mom's, then went home and we got Applebee's carside to go, and came home and watched Parenthood until bed. But my sister bought a bunch of baby girl clothes for us, and he kept talking about how our son would be so confused about us putting dresses on him. And she bought some overalls with a heart on the front pocket, and I said that if it's a boy he can still wear those and we can just put a jacket on over it. He said he was actually thinking the same thing. When we were at Applebee's he parked funny and took up 2 spaces, and I was pretending to be a cop writing out his ticket and he told me "oh, but she's pregnant." That was the first time he has acknowledged/ said that since I was like 8 or 9 weeks along (I'm 19 weeks now)!! We used to have a runing gag that we could use my pregnancy as an excuse to get out of everything. But then he said he wasn't acknowledging it and it was a tumor not a baby, and all that other crap that I don't want to go into. I was so totally confused. Then we go to bed, he texts me when he gets up, and he does not have ONE negative thing to say about the way I slept, the noise I made, the alarm going off, nothing. It's really nice.

Don't get me wrong. I am still planning on getting my crap out of there. Most, if not all of it. ASAP. But with my legs hurting when I walk and feeling so sore all the time, him being in a good mood kind of helps because those are slowing me down. And if these are some of our last days/ times together, I'd rather they be good and happy. I just don't get his mood swings. I so wish he could be like this all the time. Then we'd ahve nothing to fight or worry about, and we'd have no reason to be unhappy and wanna break up. The sudden change is just another reminder to me of exactly why I do need to get out of there. He's unstable and unpredictable and it's not healthy. We're both miserable and both say we feel stuck with each other. I did take advantage of the good mood last night. We cuddled, I kissed him over and over again, and he kissed me back. Usually he doesn't. Nothing more than that. I just miss him showing me affection. So it was nice.

But I know Will and I know in another day or two, he will be back to his normal self. Back to the bitching, being angry all the time, and calling our child a tumor. On his bad days he only says he loves me when he leaves for work, and he gives me that quick one arm hug and a half kiss as he goes out the door. That's the only kind of touching we do anymore. So like I said, it was nice to have him cuddling me and kissing me last night... but it's just not enough. If there was some kind of magic pill for him to take that would make him stay like that all the time I'd thank God. We could be the family that we had always talked about being. But, such pills don't exist for him and I'm left with a Dr. Jekyl/ Mr. Hyde boyfriend, while growing our infant inside of me. I need to be with positive, healthy, supportive people, who are that way all that time. Not 10% of the time. That's just not cutting it.

I hate it. I hate that we couldn't work, and our child won't ever know 1 home with 2 parents. I hate this feeling right now... I hate holding on to letting go.

I used to call him my breath of fresh air. Now, he's just the guy who takes up the space next to me on the couch. Never touching, never talking... it's just sad every way I look at it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleepy Head

I am so unbelieveably tired today. I just want to go back to sleep.
I am hopeful that Olivia will take a nap for me after lunch. I was told she might.
If she lays down I am for sure going to sleep. No doubt about that.
I was up late browsing the net, go to bed, and wake up.
Will was being all cuddley and had his head nuzzled by my neck/ shoulders, and had an arm around me like he was holding me. Since he never freaking touches me anymore, I stayed awake for the sole purpose of enjoying the cuddles and being held.
Now I'm enjoying telling him about how wonderful it was :)
I'm guessing tonight will be wings and beer night for the boys. They drag me along and I'm always getting sierra mist. I really need to find a kind of topping for my wings that I actually LIKE. Their barbeque wings taste like sweet and sour sauce lol. I like it, just not on my wings! Then Will and I go home and watch our Monday night shows on CBS (How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory). We record them and come home and watch them because usually the wings and beer last later than 7:30.
It's fun times, but we'll see if I have the energy to go tonight. I'm so lazy right now I almost prefer going out to staying home and having to cook.
I got my school work all done and got my grades. Didn't do AS well as I wanted, or thought, but it's okay I guess. I got a B and a C. The C really surprised me cause all throughout the class I had an A. I know I forgot a couple 10pt message board posts. But I know it wasn't so many that it should've dropped my grade all the way down to a C. But oh well. Can't change it now, just gotta do better next semester. The B I am satisfied with, because I figured I would do worse in that class lol! But I'll take it :)
I am just so glad to be done and not have to worry about school work anymore now til the end of August! It will be so nice having a break, especially since I'm pregnant!
Okay, for now I'm going to take off of here. Livie just won't sit still for two minutes so I need to wake it up, track her down, and get her dressed and all that fun stuff. I will write more later.