Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Is It!!

Today is my baby shower!!!

I was told by my sister that I was not allowed to go to the house until 5 when everyone else showed up so all the decorations would be a surprise for me. Soooooo here I sit trying to pass the time until then. My poor puppy is bored out of his mind. We're watching Michael Jackson's This Is It for now. I have a couple corn dogs cooking in the oven. It was the only thing that sounded KINDA good lol. That and a nectarine, which I already ate. I just know the food tonight will be so awesome so all of what I have just sounds "okay" ha ha.

I still have to shower and all that. Not sure how I'll do my hair because I'm not sure when the rain is supposed to hit. We'll see.

OMG now Michael is singing I'll Be There... here come the tears. Seriously this song is just the prettiest song ever. Never hurts knowing I have someone in my life that'll be there for me as well :) I think I'm gonna rewind and re-watch it :)

No idea what movie I'll play next. But probably something Pharaoh gets into. He loves all movies with dogs it seems. Right now he's a lazy blob on the couch ha ha. Although when the corn dogs are done I'm sure he'll perk up hoping to get some!

Anyway. I should probably head outta here. Hoping to make the next 4 1/2 hours pass more quickly! We'll see how it works!